Rivers and Skies

Jim and Ed's ambient recording project.  Formerly a trio with Jim Buhrendorf.  Rivers and Skies released a CD at the end of 2005. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/riversandskies

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Free Range Experiment

Ed, Jim and Lynda started Free Range in May of 2000 with drummer/trombonist D.C Beemon.  Just after 9/11/2001, Lynda took a hiatus and Free Range was joined by multi-instrumentalist and instrument builder Jay Havighurst.  This lineup recorded the still unreleased masterpiece Levitation in 2003, recording with producer Mark Wessel at Berklee's Studio A under a faculty recording grant. 

The band adopted the name The Free Range Experiment in late 2008, when Lynda rejoined and two new members came onboard: Stephen Hastings-King on prepared piano, and Liz Ehrman on electric cello.  


Jim and Ed's other recording project, for material too weird for Rivers and Skies.

Ed Blomquist

Ed's solo work.

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